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Intelligence and IT for business

Welcome to the world of innovative business !

Enterprises operate in a very competitive market environment and one of their main goals is to strengthen their market position, gain new Clients and increase revenues. Achieving these objectives is a desire of every CEO. Such goals are often conflicting, which entails the necessity to implement compromised solutions on the operational, tactical and strategic level of the Company.
Managing the organisation and considering objectives that often clash with each other, is a great challenge for company directors and executives.


Treeffect consulting goes ahead of these challenges. We offer specialised advisory in the concept of intelligent business creation, in which running the organisation is based not only on Manager’s intuition, but first and foremost on information and data gathered in your company. Modern managing methods, built around formalised ways, at the same time utilising intellectual potential of the executive personnel are the core of the successful management. They take into account objectives that are often inconsistent. Treeffect, operating amidst business and IT, will help you to create intelligent enterprise, reacting promptly to changing market conditions. Correct usage of an IT potential, formed in the Company allows to take the advantage of the quantitative management methods.

Using existing IT resources effectively, as well as planning to acquire new IT methods for business, is a complex matter. Treeffect advises Clients on the IT infrastructure and specialist software selection, as well as efficient ways of information systems maintenance.

Data collected by IT systems is a foundation of many decision making processes taking place in organisations. Our Company specialises in design, administration and adaptation of database systems, as well as advanced advisory in the area of aligned data management policy.

If you would like further information on how we can help you to increase the effectiveness of your business, please see detailed information about our offer. Our team stays at your disposal.

  • knowledge management
  • business intelligence
  • qualitative and quantitative methods
  • decision making
  • mathematical modelling
  • information technology
  • optimising effectiveness